Enlisted below are the core functions of the company:

  • To advocate, undertake, and engage in such activities which contribute to provision of sustainable universal health coverage for the population of Punjab
  • To promote and implement Demand Side Financing for health including results based financing, specific voucher schemes, health protection/ insurance schemes for the poor and an Integrated Health Insurance Scheme for the population of Punjab
  • To improve access to health care services for the population of Punjab of an acceptable quality and reasonable cost through special initiatives
  • To protect the population of Punjab, especially the poor, from impoverishment due to health care expenditures
  • To promote, provide, establish healthcare facilities and establishments for preventive, diagnostic and curative purpose under public private partnership (PPP) OR OTHERWISE on behalf of Government of Punjab.
  • To ensure equitable distribution of health benefits among the population of Punjab, especially the poor through initiatives managed by the company
  • To monitor the standards of health care delivery services within the initiatives /health insurance scheme and ensure adherence to provincial quality standards laid down under Punjab Health Care Commission Act
  • To harness the capacities of the private sector in achievement of health goals as laid out by the Government
  • To improve access to and utilization of private sector health institutions in the provision of health care services under the company’s initiatives
  • To ensure access to required health care to the beneficiaries under the company’s initiatives within the province of Punjab through involvement of public and private health providers
  • To promote the health insurance scheme through educating and creating awareness among the population of the Punjab, to promote risk pooling and decrease catastrophic health care expenditures
  • To prepare the necessary environment including defining institutional structures and mechanisms for expansion of the insurance scheme to the non-poor population