The company is licensed and registered under section 42 of the Companies Act 2017 in the province of Punjab, with Registrar Joint Stock Companies, Lahore. The main task of the PHIMC is to execute social health protection initiatives, demand side financing schemes including pro-poor health insurance schemes and collaboration with private sector to provide universal health coverage.

The Government of Punjab is committed to the principles of Universal Health Coverage and is approaching this goal in a phased manner. To improve access of population, especially the poor, to good quality medical services, a phased social health protection approach has been adopted. In the first phase, free health insurance is being provided to the population living below the poverty line, special persons and transgender community. The objective is to improve access to health services by the vulnerable groups in the Punjab through a reduction of financial barriers and strengthening of the quality of health service provision and ensuring future expansion of the scheme through a rigorous monitoring mechanism. Universal Health Insurance has been launched in 7 districts of Sahiwal and Dera Ghazi Khan divisions, where whole population is eligible to receive health coverage under Sehat Sahulat Program using their CNIC as health card.  The program is set to cover whole population of the Punjab under Universal Health Insurance soon.

The Company is also working on different arrangements within stipulated legislative and policy frameworks in Punjab for harnessing the potential of private sector in healthcare delivery. A number of arrangements as a result of interfacing the roles, responsibilities and prerogatives of the public and private sectors in healthcare system, are being worked upon. 


Our mission is to work in partnership with all stakeholders for the provision of equitable, efficient and quality health services, in both public and private sector, that meet legitimate people’s expectations and needs, with particular emphasis on the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable population. The work of PHIMC will be based on the core values of universal access, solidarity, equity and social justice, using the instruments that aim at removing financial barriers preventing access to health services and protecting people from the impoverishing effects of medical expenditures.


Our vision is to improve access to health services by under-privileged and vulnerable population of Punjab through a reduction of financial barriers and strengthening of the quality of health service provision with a focus to achieve universal health coverage.